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Citizens Active Assailant Survival I


    The Citizens Active Assailant Survival program was developed to help instill awareness of the increasing likelihood of experiencing an armed attack in a domestic setting. The name “active assailant”, as opposed to “active shooter”, implies that the attacker or attackers may be armed with weapons other than firearms and how to respond to them.


The Citizens Active Assailant Survival program could be implemented in a variety of settings including home, church, school, shopping, traveling or even socializing at a neighbor or relative's house. It is equally beneficial for individuals, families, church or social groups or businesses. It is a common sense approach to an uncommon but increasingly likely scenario and was developed with the belief that we need to be as physically prepared as possible. Overwhelmingly, people feel comfortable (maybe TOO comfortable) while going about their daily routines and tend to be less aware of their surroundings than they should be. In this day and age, we should always expect the unexpected!


Recent events across the Nation suggest a strong need to have a strong plan. A plan that will hopefully never have to be implemented. CAAS is such a plan. A compilation of suggestions and well thought-out ideas that were developed by a career law enforcement officer and we here at SWSA. This program is directed primarily at those citizens with no professional training or law enforcement/military experience. Even professional law enforcement, security and military personnel can benefit from attending CAAS as active assailant training may not always be included in their department's curriculum. Another goal of the CAAS program is to help the student to recognize the need for, formulate and nurture the mind-set that must accompany a strong sense of individual awareness to help ensure their survival in any situation.


Our intentions in developing this program are not to alarm anyone but rather to help people acheive a higher degree of security and confidence while conducting their personal routine from day to day and potentially save lives should there be such an incident. Obviously, it is better to be safe than sorry!


This is an all-day class and has no pre-requisites. You will need to bring a lunch and snacks. Please bring note-taking materials!


Normally, our 1-day classes are between $125 and $250, depending on the class. However, we see a real need for this and want to make it as affordable as we can to give more people the opportunity to participate in it.


Tuition: $50 (9am-4pm, 1 hour lunch)

Group rates(12 or more) available for churches, schools, businesses, etc.


COMING SOON! --- Citizens Active Assailant Survival II will be available soon! CAAS II will be a fast-moving, dynamic and very involved class that will include active assailant engagement, wound management under fire and dealing with crowds in a violent, hectic environment. It will be a 4-day class with two different low-light/night events. This class will include quite a bit classroom time and lots of shooting!

Keep checking the schedule for the first class!

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