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Southwest Shooting Authority

At SOUTHWEST SHOOTING AUTHORITY of Arizona, we provide the kind of service to you that we would expect to receive. The staff at SWSA is well-versed and knowledgeable in a wide variety of shooting activities including modern firearms and ammunition, reloading, ballistics, firearms training, disaster preparedness and hunting.


Please don't hesitate to ask if you need help or advice on something. If we don't know the answer right off the top of our heads, we'll sure find it for you!


Comprehensive, full-time firearms and preparedness training

at Southwest Shooting Authority!

                                                         ALWAYS AVAILABLE !! 


If you're interested in learning about firearms or adding to your knowledge and skill with guns, please check out Southwest Shooting Authority for information on the most complete and comprehensive firearms and preparedness training in the Four Corners region. No matter your needs, we have a course that will serve you. Men, women, children, young, old, new or experienced shooters can benefit from professional firearms training. Whether your needs be basic safety, marksmanship, weapon handling skills, personal security or more advanced defensive weapons training, we have something to offer you.  See some of our Student Testimonials to see what others think of our training!


Southwest Shooting Authority also offers full-service gunsmithing and personalized fighting weapons. We provide everything from cleaning, scope mounting and bore-sighting to major repairs and modifications.


 Some satisfied customers' comments are posted on our Glocksmithing Testimonial page.


Southwest Shooting Authority

**** Bulletin Board ****

This is the place to check for sales, class openings and other special interest items.





  • Multi-State CCW class in Vernon, AZ from 9am to 2pm on 20 January, 2024. Location - Provided at sign-up.

  • The Justified Use of Lethal Force for the Armed Citizen. 1pm to 3pm, 28 January, 2024 - Witch Well Church.


  • Basic Radio Operation class coming soon! -

  • 8-Hour Disaster Preparedness class on 03 February, 2024. Location to be announced.


  • Watch for another Designated Rifleman class near Show Low, coming in the spring of 2024!







FINALLY!! The long awaited CERPT manual is here now! 
Order yours here...
CERPT Manual




We have recently started doing something we have never tried before. We are now offering folks the option of taking the first two days of our 3-day classes at a reduced cost and then allowing them to take the night shoot and the 3rd day if they decide to at the end of their class. We recently tried it in Washington and again in New Mexico and it seems to work pretty smoothly. I don't know why we haven't offered it before. This works great for those that might be crunched for time or money or maybe they are just not quite ready to commit to the full class yet.


Our CERPT manuals are finally ready! The Community Emergency Response and Preparedness Training manual is finished and is available on our online store.



See more at Class and Event Schedule



Southwest Shooting Authority
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