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Long Range Handgun

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to shoot accurately with a handgun out to 50, 100, even 200 yards, you’ll want to take this 2-day class!! Whether you would like to use your handgun for hunting, competition or just some very impressive plinking, this class will get you and your gun tuned up for shots that most would consider to be out in carbine territory.


Defensive applications? Many will say that they would just use their rifle at that range. Agreed…IF you have a rifle handy.  Most of us are more likely to have a handgun within reach at any given time than a rifle. What if your rifle goes down or you run out of ammunition? Sometimes we simply cannot plan for each eventuality.


Learn how to estimate range and proper sight alignment, properly adjust sights, select the right bullet and caliber, shoot from 6 different positions, properly maintain your gun and perfect the handgunning fundamentals to enable you to do what handguns were never designed to do.


This class will be open to centerfire, open-sighted, service-style pistols and revolvers only. No single-shot or bolt-action pistols or optics.







Tuition … $450          



                                                     (Please check schedule for upcoming classes)



Prerequisites: This class requires that the student already have a decent, working understanding of handgun marksmanship principles.


Equipment requirements:


  •  400 rounds of factory new, jacketed ammunition. (Handloads will be permitted with waiver)


  •  Eye and ear protection.


  •  Note taking materials


  •  Knee and elbow pads are recommended.


  •  Gun cleaning supplies


                 Click HERE for a list of standard equipment

                 required for ALL shooting classes!




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