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Private and semi-private classes are training times that have been set aside for individuals, families or other small groups that would prefer more individualized attention or because scheduling conflicts, time constraints, social challenges, etc. will not allow participation in scheduled classes. Maybe one would just like to train with friends or family for an afternoon or a weekend.


Private training is divided into 2 categories; Defensive and non-Defensive.  Defensive training, as the name implies, is solely dedicated to the defense of self, others and liberty.  Non-Defensive training is for beginners, youth and those interested in becoming more familiar with your weapon for recreational purposes or as a precursor to beginning defensive training. Non-defensive may also cover preparedness and other training.


Unscheduled, semi-private classes that are defensive in nature are $400 per day per person or $250 per half-day and may include up 5 students.  One-on-one training is $750 per day or $400 per half-day.


Non-defensive firearms classes include safety, handling, marksmanship, cleaning, etc. Rates are $40 per hour for the first student and $70 per hour for two students. Add $30 per hour per student after that. Example: a maximum of 5 students = $160 per hour or $32 per hour per student. Six or more students will be regular class rates with an additonal instructor.


Training days typically run from 9am to 4pm with some exceptions.


TRAVELING CLASSES - A minimum of 50% deposit is required for classes conducted outside of our local area and is due no later than 30 days prior to your class date(s) with the balance being due 15 days prior to your class date(s).  Deposits are not refundable but may be applied to later class dates.  If you have paid in full, 50% of your tuition is refundable up to 15 days prior to your class date(s) or the total can be applied to another class or date for up to 6 months.  If openings become available due to cancellations, postponements or emergencies, late registration is possible and payment in full will be due immediately upon registration.

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