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Southwest Shooting Authority conducts a number of different training courses both locally and across the country. Considering the state of the Nation, our primary courses are focused around personal defense and disaster preparedness.



"Where gun control...  is considered a product of good training."


Firearms Training Philosophy


Southwest Shooting Authority has a philosophy about  firearms training that is rather unique in the firearms training industry. Our trainers and staff are passionate about making sure that every student receives the necessary instruction and supervision to help achieve the knowledge, skills and ability to protect themselves and their loved ones and take charge of their surroundings through the use of defensive weapons and techniques.


In the firearms training industry, many facilities and instructors have an unfair expectation of their students.  They expect each student to conform to a standard of experience, age and physical ability that may be difficult for some to achieve.  The students that come to Southwest Shooting Authority represent a cross-section of responsible Americans. They are young, old, slim, heavy, inexperienced or accomplished shooters of various racial and cultural backgrounds. We are vehemently opposed to those with physical challenges being taken advantage of by the “wolves” of our society and not having the ability to protect themselves!


When dealing with such a variety of skill levels and physical abilities, our trainers take the time and action necessary to address the individual needs of each student. We believe that EVERYONE is afforded the right to self-preservation, not just the rich and the fit.

Come and experience the difference, train with Southwest Shooting Authority!

Why We Train for Personal Defense



We do indeed live in turbulent and uncertain times!  Part of preparing to meet the future includes developing a “Skill at Arms” that you hope will exceed your opponent’s.  Friends, the degradation of society is real. It is real, it is now and, at the present rate of growth, it is unstoppable. You and you alone are responsible for your own safety and that of the innocents around you that you have, or are willing to take, responsibility for.  Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement is NOT legally responsible for your safety! (Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005)) Even if that were so, how much damage can a determined assailant do in the length of time that it takes LE to arrive on the scene?


It seems that people are always able to find the time and money to do fun, recreational things but are unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices of funds and juggling of schedules to acquire what many have found to be real, life-saving skills.  The criminal element that we are dealing with in the 21st century is the most brutal, savage and morally corrupt in the history of mankind. You will be hard pressed to find many factual accounts of past events that rival the horror stories of present day. Do you think it can’t happen to you? Do you seriously think that one, single individual in history that has been raped or killed left their home or office that day with intention of being brutalized?  We doubt it.

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