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Below, please find written testimonials of the training received from just a handful of our students. These statements are a result of training in various levels of defensive handgun, rifle and shotgun, disaster preparedness, communications and more. Some comments are edited for brevity but originals are available.

Aaron W. from NY

I flew from New York State to Arizona in April of 2012. I had a few reasons but the primary one was to take training from Cope Reynolds. I had already been listening to his show, the Shooting Bench for quite some time.

There was 100 percent alignment between the man behind the voice on the show and the fellow who I took three days training from. That counted for a lot!

But even more importantly, he conducts his classes with superb attention to safety. He took us through gradual progressions with our handguns and by the end of the whole class I was more accurate and confident with a handgun than I had ever been

He threw a lot of material at us, but not too much to handle and he would deftly adjust the pacing to accommodate his students. In addition, any sort of "off script" questions were gracefully handled and before we knew it we were back on track.

I would definitely retake the class as a refresher or take additional classes from Cope.


A. W.



Ray Y. from CA

Cope Reynolds is a superb Firearms Instructor! He is extremely knowledgable and experienced. His personal accomplishments as a champion competition shooter, trainer for a leading firearms academy, custom gunsmith and gun store owner make him uniquely qualified on the subject of pistols, rifles, and shotguns, mechanisms, optics, ballistics and he is able to tailor his vast knowledge down to the individual shooter. I have been trained by the United States Marine Corps, and personally trained by Lt. Colonel Jeff Cooper, Rich Wyatt, Tom Russell, Colonel Bob Young and others at NRA Whittington and at Gunsite in both pistol and rifle.

My training with Cope in rifle, pistol and shotgun, as well as his Level 2 pistol course have proven to me that his training is second to none! His talent, patience and uncanny ability to diagnose a shooter's strengths, and more importantly their weaknesses, and then focus their training to capitalize on both... results in an improvement in the ability and confidence of even the most experienced and skilled students.

That is said for the experienced among you. Beginners and novices will gladly find a gentle giant of a man who will safely guide them to familiarity with their firearm and instill in them the skill and confidence to overcome those who might wish to do them harm. I look forward to training with him again soon. Firearms training is an important and perishable skill.

Perfect practice makes perfect. Continued training uncovers those lapses into old, dangerous habits and builds new skills. Train like your life depended on it, it does!

I need more practice 😎

(Rapid fire, 7 yds. Smaller than a business card. Thanks Cope!)

Mike C. from NM
Mike R. from WA

I was fortunate enough to win a raffle to take Cope's 3-day handgun class in June of 2015. I had no idea what I was in for, but lets just say that my friends, (who did know), were extraordinarily jealous and they had reason to be.


The three days were far and away the best investment I ever made on raffle tickets. Cope's comprehensive approach to open and concealed carry opened my mind to not only a new system for carrying, but also a renewed attitude toward carrying a firearm and the responsibility that goes along with it.


From presenting the weapon, to tactical and emergency reloads, to close-quarter training, Cope was entirely professional and ensured that every participant was fully comfortable and capable at each stage of instruction before moving on to the next.


Lets just say I made my share of mistakes and was called on all of them. But Cope was very careful to ensure that everybody in class was made aware of how to correct their mistakes and why each was important.


Other topics covered in my class were: night shooting, "unusual angle" shooting, and tactical considerations too numerous to list here. The semi-competitive target shooting session we had at the end was the best!


Also very important: you leave the class knowing which elements of carrying require continuous practice on your part. (You will get a good introduction to all the concepts, but it is your responsibility to continue honing your skills after your class is over.)


If you prefer a very systematic approach to carrying a firearm, as I do, this class is for you. You will not be disappointed.


M. R.

Anthony B. from WA.

I would like to weigh in on the training offered by Cope Reynolds. It is my professional and personal opinion that DefTech has partnered with one of the best defensive pistol instructors out there. I am an Army combat veteran, heavy machine gun trainer as a 19D, a former Department of Defense employee, an avid hunter and sportsman and a father of four daughters. I have personally taken Cope Reynolds' courses to include PDH II and PDH III defensive pistol training. I have witness him train beginners, people with disabilitoes and advanced combat shooters. His no-nonsense approach to weapons training is acheivable for all skill levels from beginner up to and including special use units. The fine defensive shooting methods taught by Mr. Reynolds clearly increases your survivability time and rounds on the Bad Guy. My wife, after also taking some of Mr. Reynolds' training courses, went from a recreational shooting partner to now a reliable and trained defensive team member. My two teenage daughters one17 and one 14 have received shooting instruction from Mr. Reynolds and both are now quite often recognized by average shooters as trained and disciplined. When evaluated they both have higher percentages of rounds on target under stress then most everyday law enforcement. His training techniques will not only vastly improve the shooting ability of combat soldiers but also takes home defense to a new level by training the family members to become a defensive unit. Not only is his training worth every penny, it could be the very thing that made the difference between life and death of not only you but your loved ones!


A.B. - WA

I have known Cope Reynolds for many years and have attended his training courses. He and his staff are knowledgeable professionals when it comes to concealed carry or defensive firearm training. Cope is a true American and a patriot and I would highly recommend his services.


M. C. - NM



~ Good job, Thanks! Learned a lot even though I've been shooting for 45 years. -----H.C.


~Love the class! Can't wait for the next Home Defense class Thanks for your understanding on scheduling around Lisa's surgery. -----S.Martinez


~ Good balance of personal, example and collective training. I only suggest that everyone in the area take this course. Thank you  ----- Shea U.


~ Enjoyed the 2-day program - Will try to take Home Invasion class to add to my tactical firearms knowledge. -----D. Carlson



~ Because of this class and Cope's patience with me, I feel more confident that if I were ever confronted with another defensive situation, I could properly defend myself and my children. ----K. Williams




~ This is an awesome class and I will recommend it to everyone. My knowledge is greatly larger than ever. Thank you! -----Stacey B.




~ Excellent class. Raised safety awareness. Help at range great! Would recommend class to anyone. -----Bill L.




~ I enjoyed learning about the world of guns and feel I have become more comfortable handling my own gun. The instructor was very knowledgeable and funny! -----Tausha




~ Helped to identify my problem areas and how to correct them. Learned a lot about safety. The class made me want to learn more and shoot more! ----- R. Walters




~ Training was excellent, enjoyable and quite informative. Instructor provided a good working and training area. -----Eloy



~ There was more information than I thought there would be. I found out I need to do a lot more practice and change some OLD habits. -----Ken G.



~ I’ve had training all over the world, but this by far is the most informative without being redundant class I’ve ever had. Thanks Cope. The training is going to not only help me, but the guys in my unit. -----Jonathan H.



~ Very good. Rather, excellent. All I need now is to take the course in the winter – cold weather difference.-----Sterling M.



~ I came into the class with some knowledge, and after the class, I feel more confident with my abilities. I learned so much. I had no idea there was so much to it. I’m glad I took the class. It was worth it. -----Jessica W.



~ I now have a much greater knowledge of how to safely conduct myself with firearms. Cope is a very good and knowledgeable instructor. He tells you in layman's terms so you can understand. ---Victoria E.



~ I feel I learned a great deal more than I thought I knew. Good job. -----Dave C.



~ I really appreciated the serious concern and professionalism of the instructor as well as (of equal importance to me) his sense of humor. Very good job! ----- Gordon H. 



~ Good class. It went real fast. I learned a lot and refreshed what I might have forgot. -----Scott K.



~ Gun control and gun techniques for shooting were very informative and helpful. -----Shawn M.



~ I have taken a lot of shooting classes and have never had oe this informative. Will definitely be taking the rest of the classes. --- Chris B.



~ Training is first class and I’ve recommended it to others after initial New Mexico Concealed Carry class two years ago. Keep up the good work. -----Robert D.



~ Very good and instructive. More classes would be of interest. I cannot think of any improvements. -----Richard L.



~ I appreciate the feeling that "you can do it," rather than "you’re not good enough." The instructor was very good in giving me this confidence. -----Dorothy B.



~ Cope brought several points to our attention in the classroom which helped to improve accuracy on the range. I enjoyed the overall class tremendously! Thank you. -----Dwight J.



~ Good eye opener as to disparity of force, avoid if at all possible, and repercussions after use of deadly force. Good safety tips on dry fire. -----Bob C.



~ Please do a tape for students. I learned so much in your class. Thank you. -----Dwight G.



~ I believe everything was covered very well and I can’t think of anything else that could be added.  Cope is an excellent instructor. -----Lynda S.



~ I appreciated the open environment for asking questions. -----Steven B.



~ Great Job! After shooting and classes for 40 years, I learned a lot. Thanks! -----David P.



~ Everything was done in professional and courteous manner. -----Bob E.



~ I was very pleased with the course content. I learned things I had no expectation of learning! -----Albert W.



~ This was an outstanding course. Great instruction! If I put into practice all that I was taught, I can’t help but improve. -----Bill C.



~ I learned a lot but would like to take another more advanced class to practice and improve. -----Carl K.



~ This class is GREAT and I improved my shooting. -----Justin P.



~ I would like to take more of your classes. -----John M.



~ Instructor’s professionalism, patience and teaching ability outstanding. Thank you. -----Kristi G.


~ Mr. Reynolds is very knowledgeable, is helpful on the range when problems arise, and is not critical in a negative manner! Good class! -----Dave R.


~ I didn’t feel as nervous this time. Cope didn’t put anyone down. He explained everything and showed proper procedure. -----Tammy R.


~ Instruction was very good and knowledgeable. Explained topics in detail. -----Bob E.


~ I felt that it was a very good awareness in safety and protection and handling of a handgun. I would recommend this class to everyone. -----David G.


~ Good time spent with individuals at the range to assist all in their needs to improve. Thanks! -----Sharron H.


~ As a safety instructor, I still learned some new techniques. -----Michael H.


~ Dear Cope,                                                                                                           


I very much enjoyed your class and would like to take some additional training after I get in better shape. I’m sorry for the inconvenience I caused you for being late to the firing range. This fibromyalgia is sometimes hard to deal with, but I try. Thanks again and God bless you all! -----Lisa B.


~ I learned new things and will be able to apply then to, not only my practice, but hopefully to a real situation as well. -----Tammy D.


~ I learned things I was never taught – or taught bad techniques. Very comprehensive course of instruction. -----Tom D.


~ I’ve been shooting for more than 40 years with some professional training. So I was impressed by the amount of NEW knowledge this class gave me ...Very Good!! -----Guy S.


~ An excellent course. I learned far more that I thought. I was more consciously incompetent than I thought. I will be back to learn more. -----Scott L.


~ I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The instruction was clear with a little humor added. I thought it was excellent time spent. -----Joe W.


~ I thought the instructors’ methods of teaching was great. He kept everyone amused and in doing so, kept everyone attentive. Even though I have had years of personal experience and two years of military instruction, I found some of the instruction I received here improved my handgun shooting greatly. Thank you! Good job! Keep it up! -----Chris C. CPL/USMC


~ I feel a lot more confident with my gun and defending myself if necessary. Thank you. -----Sandy A.


~ Safety was stressed as #1. -----Richard A.


~ Thank you. You have improved my shooting (hand gun) by a lot and this will give me a great deal of pleasure. Thanks again. -----John A.


~ I learned a better way of using my hand gun. The class has helped me on my grip, and also to keep my finger off the trigger. It has helped on proper grip for firing position. This has been the best safety and skill training I have had. -----Silviano S.


~ Well done! The class was professional with good, sound tactical information. I will definitely refer people to this school and this instructor. -----Jeffery H.


~ Could use more range instructors for a safer range. -----Kelly P. (Rangemaster's note: We maintain a ratio of never more than 4 beginning students on the firing line per each instructor.)


~ Thank you! I have more confidence than before –safer and love shooting! -----Diane B.


~ No complaints. Thought everything presented was pertinent. It’s obvious the necessary expertise was there. -----Rob B.



~ Everything was excellent. I was really impressed and I am more knowledgeable. -----Pablo M.


~ Great class! Every gun owner should take this class. -----Gayla M.


~ I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in concealed carry and shooting of handguns in general. It, the class, was well balanced and I enjoyed it very much. -----Don O.


~ I was amazed to discover what I did not know about handguns and safety. The course was very thorough and fun. I feel very confident of what I learned and would highly recommend this class to anyone. -----Steven G.


~ Clear, concise content and presentation. Very well done. -----D. E. M.


~ Thank you for showing us the trigger reset. Just two to three minutes of that instruction improved my shooting 100 percent. Stopping the point-blank shot was pretty cool. Thanks. -----Gary P.


~ I appreciated it as a woman. It was an all girl class. It made it easier for us to ask questions. Thanks. -----Carol A.



~ I thoroughly enjoyed the class and have told many others about it. -----Dave R.



~ Training was excellent and enjoyable. I will take another course of training again whenever needed to renew the permit. -----Frankie C.



~ Overall, I enjoyed the whole experience. My shooting and gun skills/handling much improved after course completion. -----Andy R.



~ I used to be scared of guns, but after this class I can go out shooting with my husband and boys. They are all so proud of me. I enjoyed the class and friends I made there. I still would like my boys to take the class. -----Rae M.



~ Cope Reynolds is an excellent instructor. He speaks clearly and loud enough to be understood. I am very satisfied with the course. -----C.E.G.



~ I really enjoyed the class and since it was all women, I’m sure questions were asked that seemed elementary. You answered everything without making us feel stupid. I know we were your favorite class because we brought chocolate cookies! -----Dorothy B.



~ Enjoyable class. Informative and well presented. Instructor was knowledgeable in the subject matter. He was courteous and very helpful. -----Edward M.


~ I thought I knew so much ..... until I took your class. -----Nancy K.


~ Very informative instruction. Would recommend to all to go to Ross’s for their Concealed Weapon class. -----Jerri D.


~ Not only was the instructor knowledgeable about the subject matter and adequately supervised the training, he was adequately strict about weapons handling. -----Sterling M.


~ I came away with a new and humbling understanding of the legal and moral ramifications of using deadly force. I have compared this training with other states – Florida – and found the training I received was much more comprehensive. Excellent class. -----Jim L.



~ I had expected to be bored, being an experienced shooter. This was not the case. The information on trigger reset and control alone was worth the cost of the class. -----Louie L.


~ Cope Reynolds is a valuable asset for the gun community and the individuals who participate in his classes. I feel privileged to have learned from him and proud to declare myself a safer and better shooter because of his teaching and advise. -----Robert H.


~ I really enjoyed and got a lot out of this class. I hadn’t fired a handgun in over 10 years. I was a cop many years ago for 10 ½ years. I shoot better now, after this class than I ever did as a police officer. I will recommend you for everything. Thank you, -----Vance M.


~ I would, will and have highly recommended this class to friends and family. I appreciate the help provided to me and really enjoyed the training and range time. Thanks! -----Chris P.


~ I would like to have more hands-on in class. I learned that I had a lot of bad habits and am looking now to over-come them. Very good class. Lots of new information and am more safety conscious. -----Robin G.



~ Second time taking the course and learned more the second time around. Great instructor. Looking forward to taking more classes. -----Charlotte A.



~ Cope kept the class interesting and added enough humor to make it fun. I learned a lot and am excited to get out and shoot. -- Sherry S.



~ Thank you for the class. You are a very patient instructor – also very knowledgeable!!! Would like to continue on more classes. -----Yvonne M.



~ Cope did a very good job on firearms training. Range safety was excellent. -----Robert M.



~ Very informative, hands-on training class. Very impressive. -----Kevin D.



~ I want to thank Cope for his time on this and I think everyone should take this class. -----signature illegible


 ~ I really enjoyed taking this class. I feel that I am a safer and better shooter from when I started the class. -----Willie C.


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