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Great news! After working out a number of logistical details, SHOTS Ranch is re-activating our Mobile Training Unit and will once again be offering training in your area!


If you have a group or organization that would like to receive professional defensive firearms or preparedness training or if you would like information on how you can help bring our mobile unit to your area.


To bring the unit to your area, we will need your help to secure a safe, legal place to shoot that is of adequate dimensions to conduct the class. Some of our classes require only a classroom. If you can help with these items or would like to sponsor a class please contact us. The sponsoring individual or one person from the sponsoring entity will receive their training free for doing a little preliminary footwork for us!


We can bring nearly any class or combination of classes right to your backyard!

Please give us a call at: 928-208-4867 or e-mail us. 


Below are a just few examples of what we can offer with our Mobile Training Unit



This 8-hour class is dedicated solely to proper, efficient packing of the several bags or packs that we recommend and to the proper choice, purpose, use, storage and maintenance of the weapons that ultimately may save your life in a disaster or survival scenario.

This class only requires a classroom, gym, auditorium, church, etc.


See full details for this class here:

Preparedness Packing and Weapons



All of the defensive firearms classes can be brought to you! If space, range rules or  local laws place restrictions on certain facets of a class, any class can be modified to accomodate these challenges.


Remember, if you host a class and make the necessary arrangements for us, your class will be free!


Check out the Firearms Training page for full details of the classes that are available!




Another 8-hr, all-classroom course that is perfect either as a stand-alone class or to add a 2nd or 3rd day onto another class.


This class covers every facet of disaster preparedness as thoroughly as time will allow. This is definitely one of the most comprehensive classes of its kind available anywhere!


There is a little overlap of subject matter with the Disaster Packing and Weapons class.


See full details for this class here:

Disaster Preparedness Seminar



In order to safely and effectively conduct most of our firearms classes, we will need a few things:

  • Legal place to shoot with written permission from landowner. Land/range owner must be willing to sign a liability waiver. Any reasonable range fees will be paid by us. We do not expect you to have any out-of-pocket expense.

  • Accurate map and directions to shooting area.

  • A list and map to local lodging for our instructors and any out-of-town students would be very helpful.

  • Safe backstop

  • Wide enough range to place adequate number of targets a minimum 2' apart, edge to edge.

  • Target frames must support 24"x36" target backers. We supply targets and backers.

  • Must be able to access and use range in inclement weather.

  • A covered area or nearby room would be handy for discussions and paperwork but not mandatory.

  • The overall success of the class will depend largely on your efforts. Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

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