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Personal Defense Handgun II


You have no control over WHEN, HOW or WHERE you may be attacked or how many assailants may be involved so, DON’T BE A STATISTIC!


When you have completed our Personal Defense Handgun program, your confidence, speed, accuracy and gun handling skills will be substantially improved and you will better understand the necessity of making quick, sound, tactical decisions.


PDH II is a 2-day class that is designed for both the beginner and the experienced shooter. This class will help to form that good, solid foundation on which to continue to build your defensive handgunning skills. The first day will begin with an in-depth discussion of the shooting fundamentals and how to achieve excellent accuracy. You’ll then move into loading and unloading, recoil management, trigger-control and accuracy drills and progress into presentation from the holster, reloads, malfunction clearing and much, much more including failure-to-stop drills.

You’ll be shooting from distances of 3 to 25 yards and be safely presenting your weapon from the holster AND firing multiple, well-placed rounds faster than you would have ever thought possible. Your presentation speed, accuracy and handling skills will be noticeably improved by day’s end.


The 2nd day will include advanced trigger control and accuracy drills that can improve even the most experienced shooter’s accuracy on single and multiple targets. This class will begin with helping you to attain a degree of precision in your shooting and then start moving “outside of the box” and get further away from the “range mentality” that shooters develop under the strict, regimented range procedures that are so firmly enforced at many recreational/competition shooting ranges. Rapidly acquiring your targets and making the intellectual decision whether or not to shoot can be more important than the shooting itself. Room entry and clearing and other basic tactics will help you to secure your home and protect your loved ones when help may not be immediately available. The intensity and repetition involved in this class will help you to start building the muscle memory that is so crucial to your performance under stress. Remember that YOU are ultimately responsible for your own security!

During breaks and at lunch, we will conduct lethal force and situational awareness lectures relevant to personal defense.



Tuition: $450


 (Be sure to check schedule for upcoming classes)


Prerequisites: None


Required equipment:


  • Semi-automatic handgun, .380 or larger OR a double-action revolver, .38 Special is recommended! Derringers, mini-revolvers, single-shots and anything made by High Point, Bryco(Jimenez Arms), Raven, Lorcin or Jennings are specifically disallowed!! Others may be prohibited at our discretion.


  • At least 3 magazines, speed-loaders or speed-strips that fit your weapon and a suitable, single or double magazine carrier.


  • 500 rounds of commercial, new FMJ ammunition. 


  • A quality, strong-side, hip holster w/belt, that is made for your weapon. Shoulder holsters, cross draws, appendix, fanny packs or gun purses will not be allowed. Also, certain makes and models of holsters are not allowed such as the Blackhawk Serpa CQC. If you have questions, please give us a call!


  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.


  • Click HERE for standard equipment required for ALL shooting classes


NOTE: This is a mildly physically demanding class. Temperatures may go from one extreme to the other so bring any additional items of personal comfort that you may need such as a jacket or raincoat, sunscreen, lawn chair, etc. It would also be to your benefit to take notes during the lectures.


By going to our online store and purchasing a position in a training class or event, you agree to sign a liability release and registration form upon your arrival at the training site. Tuition is non-refundable in all instances but may be applied to another class or class date. Tuition is also transferable to another person. If you are purchasing a class for or transferring a class to someone else, their responsibility and acceptance of these policies will begin upon signing of registration form. Read full full payment and refund policy HERE



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