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Multi-Purpose Rifle I


Multi-Purpose Rifle I is a 1-day class that is perfect for the beginner or as a refresher for returning students. SAFE and proper handling techniques and procedures including the presentation of the weapon, reloads and malfunction clearing and more will be thoroughly covered and you will learn to shoot both quickly and accurately from 5 to 100 yards. Equipment requirements are listed below. 200 rounds of new, commercial ammunition will be needed.


Tuition: $250


Prerequisites: None


Equipment Requirements:


  • Any rifle of any caliber with any sights with sling. All action types except full-auto are accepted.

  • 200 rounds of commercial, new, FMJ ammunition.

  • At least 3 magazines or stripper clips for semi-autos and a suitable carrier. Other action types will need a suitable ammo carrier other than your pockets. This can include sidesaddles, stock cuffs or belt pouches.

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.


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