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Battlefield Medic class


This class consists of a basic medical course and treatment in high stress, hostile environments. 


This is usually a 3-day course. We will be covering all of the exact same materials and topics in a 2-day agenda resulting in very intense instruction and strict time constraints! The knowledge that you will receive in this class is unbelievable and priceless for your group or family.


Here is a list of the topics that will be covered:

  • Basic Anatomy

  • Critical damage areas

  • "Head to toe" assessments and triage of patients

  • Triage

  • A B C’s - Airway - Breathing - Circulation

  • Shock Treatment

  • Bleeding control

  • IV Skills - Starting, type of fluid and how much. Field expedient fluids.

  • Wound management

  • Cleaning of wounds (How to do a sterile job in the field)

  • Closure of wounds - Suture, staples vs. Glue

  • Limb management

  • Follow-though and critique

  • Replicas of personal weapons will be used as training aids.

  • Field distillation of fresh water and field sterilization of surgical instruments

  • “Simulated Combat” Triage. Putting Triage skills to work in a stressful high noise high distraction environment

  • Wound Closure in a field environment

  • IV start skills in a field environment


This 2-day class, normally $395, will be offered to the the eastern Arizona region for a slashed price of $250 per person sans the outdoor range activities. Enter coupon code VCM711 for the discount.

Lunch, snacks and supplies will be included in the price. You bring only note-taking materials and anything that you may need as far as special diet or snacks!



We keep saying that this is going to be the last class held locally for awhile and you keep surprising us so, here we go again!


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