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2-Day PDW Primer


Your PDW (Personal Defensive Weapon) may be your handgun or your rifle or both, depending on circumstances. Our PDW Primer is a relatively new class developed specifically for those students that want to get a taste of both weapons systems in one trip. Essentially, it is PDH I and MPR I rolled into one, 2-day class with a few extras thrown in.

(Shotgun PDW class offered separately)


This 2-day class teaches you the essentials of both systems individually, ultimately combining them in the latter half of the 2nd day. It is a must for beginners that are anxious to become familiar with both systems in the shortest amount of time and a great refresher for returning students.

Learn SAFE and proper handling techniques, basic marksmanship, maintenance and procedures including the presentation of the weapons, reloads, malfunction clearing and more will be covered to an extent that will feel comfortable continuing your practice on your own. You will learn to shoot both quickly and accurately from 5 to 15 yards with your handgun and from 7 to 50 yards with your rifle.


Equipment requirements are listed below. A minimum of 200 rounds of new, commercial ammunition will be required for each weapon.

Tuition: $450

SPECIAL OFFER! A one-time offer of $395 will be extended to all students attending the next class on 18-19 September!

Prerequisites: None


Equipment Requirements:


  • Any rifle of any caliber with any sights with sling. All action types except full-auto are accepted and 200 rounds of commercial, new, FMJ ammunition.

  • At least 3 magazines or stripper clips for semi-autos and a suitable carrier. Other action types will need a suitable ammo carrier other than your pockets. This can include sidesaddles, stock cuffs or belt pouches.

  • Semi-automatic handgun, .380 or larger OR a double-action revolver, .38 Special are recommended! Derringers, mini-revolvers, single-shots and anything made by High Point, Bryco (Jimenez Arms), Raven, Lorcin or Jennings are specifically disallowed!! Others may be prohibited at our discretion.

  • At least 3 magazines, speed-loaders or speed-strips that fit your weapon and a suitable, single or double magazine carrier.

  • 200 rounds of commercial, new FMJ ammunition. 

  • A quality, strong-side, hip holster w/belt, that is made for your weapon. Shoulder holsters, Blackhawk Serpa CQC, cross draws, appendix, fanny packs or gun purses will not be allowed.

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.


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