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Handgun Training



Whether you are just beginning your handgun training or looking to polish your skills, there is something for everyone in our extensive line of handgun classes! (PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR A FEW DAYS UNTIL THE SITE IS COMPLETED! Thanks!)

You have no control over WHEN, HOW or WHERE you may be attacked or how many assailants may be involved so DON’T BE A STATISTIC!  When you have completed our Personal Defense Handgun program, your accuracy, speed and gun handling skills will be honed to a level that will amaze your friends on the range and strike fear in the hearts of an assailant on the street! When you are finished with this program, you will also better understand the necessity of making fast, sound, tactical decisions that your life may depend on!!


 Handgun Classes


Personal Defense Handgun I

In Personal Defense Handgun I  you will learn safe, proper handling techniques and procedures unique to the handgun including the presentation, reloads and malfunction clearing.
 You will learn to shoot both quickly and accurately from 3 to 15 yards.



Click on the link above for a full description and sign up!

Personal Defense Handgun II

Personal Defense Handgun II  starts moving you “outside of the box” with advanced trigger control and accuracy drills that can improve even the most experienced shooter’s accuracy on single, multiple and distant targets. You’ll be shooting from distances of 3 to 25 yards and be safely presenting your weapon from the holster AND firing multiple, well-placed rounds faster than you would have ever thought possible.


Click on the link above for a full description and sign up!

3-day Personal Defense Handgun

3-day Personal Defense Handgun is the full-meal deal! Everything is included that PDH I&II has to offer plus MUCH more! Room entry and clearing, close-quarters techniques and more advanced marksmanship training will be included.
We'll also stretch the distance out to 50 yards or more depending on location. Requires a considerable amount of shooting with about 800 rounds being expended.
Click the link above for a full description and sign up!


Total Glock is a Southwest Shooting Authority exclusive and a must for the Glock owner! We believe that the Glock pistol is one of the most versatile handguns available, being well suited for both defense and recreation.

This unique class begins with a day of GLOCK armorer training and ends with a day of defensive handgun training!



Click on the link above for a full description and to sign up!

Long Range Handgun


If you have ever wanted to be able to shoot accurately with a handgun out to 50, 100, even 200 yards, you’ll want to take this 2-day class!! Whether you would like to use your handgun for hunting, competition or just very impressive plinking, this class will get you and your gun tuned up for shots that most would consider to be carbine territory.


This class will be open to centerfire, open-sighted, service style pistols and revolvers only.


Click on the link above for a full description and sign up!

Applied Dynamic Responses


A very dynamic, advanced, 3-day, tactical handgun class. This class is NOT for beginners and in fact has a pre-requisite of having taken a minimum of PDH II and PDH III at least once each in the twelve months immediately preceding the date of your class. Even at that, each student will be evaluated individually for admission to the class. This is non-negotiable! This class is emotionally and physically demanding

Multi-State CCW Training


Why is it a Multi-State class? It’s not just because of the reciprocity that Arizona enjoys with 30-some other states. This training far exceeds what is required for an AZ permit and is, in fact, recognized by a number of other states for their resident permits and is not just for Arizona residents. Citizens of ANY state can take this class and may be able to get non-resident permits that are recognized in quite a few other states like AZ, CO, FL, MT, WY, UT, IN and more!


Click on the link above for a full description and to sign up.

Advanced Multi-State CCW class


ADVCCW is a great place to start for the more dedicated concealed carrier.  It includes everything that is offered in our basic Multi-State CCW class plus 3-4 hours of range time.


Safety first, then some hands-on time with your weapon. We will work on safe presentation of the weapon, accuracy, basic malfunction clearing and reloads and maintenance.


This class exceeds many states requirements for concealed weapon permit documention. Fingerprinting is available.

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