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This class was designed originally for California and other non-permissive environments. It has been used in areas where a place to shoot was unavailable or where laws regarding shooting were very restrictive. It is also great for those that are new to defensive handgunning and unsure of exactly what they want to do or maybe they lack the confidence to actually participate in live-fire. Distance to a range, time restrictions, ammo prices and availability or very bad weather may add to the reasons why a non-shooting class might be just the ticket to allow you to get some hands-on training in.

PDHP allows the student to handle real guns, either yours or ours, in a completely safe and comfortable environment. First, all ammunition will be cleared from the room and secured. Next will be an in-depth safety briefing. The safety procedures taught will be implemented throughout the day of training. You will learn the shooting fundamentals and have a chance to practice them as they progress. Techniques will include presentation of the handgun from the holster, proper reloading, malfunction clearing and more!

If time permits, cleaning and maintenance will be covered.


●    Any semi-automatic handgun or double-action revolver.
●    3 magazines, speed-loaders or speed-strips that fit your weapon and a suitable double carrier.
●    A quality, strong-side, hip holster w/belt, that is made for your weapon. Shoulder holsters, cross draws, appendix carry, fanny packs or gun purses will not be allowed.
●    Comfortable clothing and shoes. No tank tops, low-cut blouses or open-toed shoes.

Classes typically run from 8am to 4pm but  may change due to weather or venue. Be sure and check schedule for times.


Class tuition is normally $95 but may vary for special classes.


The next PDHP class will be held near Vernon, AZ sometime in February of 2024. Date to be determined

Tuition: $95

Location: To Be Announced.


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