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OK folks, sorry for the short notice but it was due to circumstances beyond my control!


I will be making an emergency order of Survival Tabs tomorrow, 22 May. If you want to get in on this, go to, scroll down to the online store and click on Survival Tabs. You must do this no later than 4pm Pacific time TOMORROW, if you want to take advantage of this deal! If you're not familiar with Survival Tabs, read the description below.




Survival Tabs were developed in the mid-60's as a result of the space program. They are extremely nutritious and tasty and the most cost effective addition to your food storage that there is.


A bottle of Survival Tabs consists of 180 tablets that you simply chew up and wash down with water. 12 tablets a day is the average-sized person needs to remain healthy and active. That means that one bottle will last 15 days with NO OTHER FOOD OR SUPPLEMENTS EXCEPT WATER! A friend of mine and I did just that about 10 years ago. We ate Survival Tabs for 2 meals a day and ate one moderate meal such as a Subway sandwich or a salad, for 15 days. Nothing changed as far as our energy level or productiveness. I lost 6 or 8 pounds (and I could afford it!) and I think he lost about 5. Back then, there were only two flavors, chocolate and malt. Both are delicious but they have now added strawberry and butterscotch and they are both GREAT!


Survival Tabs have at least a 10-year shelf life and are compact enough to literally put a year's supply in a suitcase. If one were to eat Survival Tabs and nothing else but water for a year, they would need 24 bottles. Of course, none of us plan to do that. Amy and I's plan is to eat a good meal out of our food storage either in the morning or evening and replace the other two meals with Survival Tabs. This will stretch our food storage out a LONG ways!


Survival Tabs are not just for long-term storage and post-apocalyptic survival. Use Survival Tabs for hunting, hiking, sports events and certainly to keep in each vehicle and backpack. Amy keeps some in her purse and we keep them in the glovebox of both vehicles.


How much is this going to cost me?


OK, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Obviously cost is important, more to some of us than others. Remember that one bottle will last you 15 days if you ate nothing else during that time. No other supplement but water. Retail is $39.95 or $2.67 a day. Even at retail price, you'd be hard pressed to even raise your own food for that!


So here's the deal... if I can get enough people to order, I can get that price down to $25.00 a bottle including shipping! That's $1.67 a day! If you were to buy a case (33 bottles), it would cost you just $825. That's enough for 2 people for over 8 months. Retail price would be $1318.35.




So, if you're interested, let me know as soon as possible. I must have money in hand by 4pm, 22 May. Order will go in at 5pm!


You can call me on the website, email me at or message me here on Facebook.


The best and fastest thing to do is to order from here:






Click the button below to help make this event a success!

Southwest Shooting Authority, located near Show Low, AZ, is primarily a firearms and preparedness training company.  We travel all over the nation with defensive weapons classes, disaster preparedness seminars and the sales of related products.

SWSA is also the home of The Shooting Bench, the most politically incorrect fireams-related program on talk radio. Listen live Mon - Fri from 8 to 9pm on
The Survival Circle

Also listen to Amy on Living Way Out Here, weekdays except Wed at 7pm Pacific!

Liberty for All III% is a constitutional task force and political activist group based in WA state and is standing strong against tyranny.  We’ve made national headlines repeatedly with actions that back up our motto: "We Will NOT Comply!"  We believe that liberty is inherent and that our rights are protected and secured—NOT granted—by the Constitution.  We refuse to allow any more infringement, any more tyrannical edicts, any more encroachment of We the People. 
LFA III% now has two regional chapters, one based in WA and the other in AZ.

The Survival Rendezvous is a very unique program that was instituted solely to promote training and education to the public. Their program consists of getting some of the top instructors from all over Arizona to teach short classes about...well...pretty much everything survival and preparedness related.


We are proud to include Survival Rendezvous in this year's Restoring America's Heritage program. More to come on this very soon!

The Survival Circle Radio Network has 7 live hosts and 11 regularly scheduled programs with something love available 7 days a week. The station runs 24/7 with archives playing when a scheduled show is not on.


Topics covered include liberty, current events (good or bad), firearms and training, preparedness, survival, constitutional discussions and music from time to time.

Find the this awesome array of talent and topics at The Survival Circle

Beyer Barrels specializes in hand-crafted and machined gun barrels.  You can check out our video link for a detailed view of some of our precision work.

Beyer barrels are made with precision instruments and machines and skilled craftsmanship.  They take pride in their barrels and products. Quality is guaranteed.

  • Custom made and hand crafted barrels.

  • 10-22 Barrels

  • AR-15 Barrels

  • Custom Barrel Colors

  • Kit Accessories


Southwest Shooting Authority has been using Beyer Barrels now for about 4 years and we can attest to the quality workmanship and resulting accuracy!


Also sponsored by The Medic Shack! Your home for all things "healing"! Combat medic training, advanced 1st aid classes, herbal and alternative medicines. If you're concerned about your family's health and well-being, not only now but in a post-collapse world, contact The Medic Shack today for emergency medical training and supplies!

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