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LOCAL CLASSES - Payment for all classes conducted locally is due upon registration and is non-refundable. If you cannot attend the class that you signed up for, you can attend the same class at a later date or apply your payment towards another class. Your tuition will be forfeited if it is not used within 6 months of your first registration date unless we did not have a class available during that time in which case your time will be extended until that class is offered. Your tuition may be transferred to another student as long as it is used within 6 months of your original registration date.


PRIVATE CLASSES - Unscheduled, semi-private classes, regardless of the type of training, are $400 per day per person or $250 per half-day and may include up 5 students. One-on-one training is $750 per day or $400 per half-day.


Training days typically run from 9am to 4pm with a few exceptions.


TRAVELING CLASSES - A minimum of 50% deposit is required for classes conducted outside of our local area and is due no later than 30 days prior to your class date(s) with the balance being due 15 days prior to your class date(s). Deposits nor tuitions are refundable but may be applied to later class dates. If openings become available due to cancellations, postponements or emergencies, late registration is possible and payment in full will be due immediately upon registration.


WEATHER AND OTHER ACTS OF NATURE - Refunds or class substitutions are not offered due to weather. Unless the weather is so bad that we cannot keep our targets up, we will conduct classes. If we postpone a class or a portion of a class due to weather or other acts of nature, refunds will not be offered but that portion of the class that was postponed will be re-scheduled or can be made up during another regularly scheduled class. If weather or other acts of nature or any other circumstance beyond our control prevents us from traveling or conducting a scheduled class, you can apply the full amount paid towards another class or class date but the tuition is not refundable.


ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT-  We do have a corporate Paypal account, you do NOT have to sign up for Paypal and may use your Visa or Mastercard, just click the line that says you prefer to pay with your credit or debit card.  We will also accept personal or company checks with copy of current drivers license and valid phone number. Checks must be submitted no less than 15 days prior to class date. Of course, we accept money orders, cashiers checks and cash as well.




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