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Multi-Purpose Rifle III


This 3-day class takes your rifle education to the next level by offering a night shoot and some more advanced handling and shooting techniques. This class is also offered via our Mobile Training Unit which means that we can bring it to your area! Firearms laws, justification in the use of lethal force, situational awareness, resolving disputes and criminal and civil liability are a few of the crucial lecture topics. Early in the class we’ll provide an in-depth look at the shooting fundamentals and how to achieve consistent, pinpoint accuracy on demand. You’ll then move into trigger-control, recoil management, accuracy drills and progress into lightning-fast presentations from several carry positions, malfunction clearance, ammunition management and much, much more including failure-to-stop drills, engaging multiple assailants and shooting on the move. This 3-day class includes a night shoot at the end of the 2nd day and then some close-quarters scenarios and more advanced training will be offered on the 3rd day. We will also spend time on room entry, building clearing and other tactics. This class will involve a considerable amount of shooting so you will need to bring a minimum of 750 rounds of factory ammo. Your speed, accuracy and total confidence with your weapon will exceed your highest expectations and your friends will marvel at your new-found skills.


Tuition … $795.00


Prerequisites: None


Required equipment:


  • Any rifle of any caliber with any sights with sling. All action types except full-auto are accepted.

  • 750 rounds of commercial, new, jacketed ammunition.

  • Tactical-style flashlight and extra batteries

  • At least 3 magazines or stripper clips for semi-autos and a suitable carrier. Other action types will need a suitable ammo carrier other than your pockets. This can include sidesaddles, stock cuffs or belt pouches.

  • Elbow and knee pads strongly recommended

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.



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