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Total Glock



Total Glock is a Southwest Shooting Authority exclusive and a must for the Glock owner! We believe that the Glock pistol is one of the most versatile handguns available, being well suited for both defense and recreation.


Our Total Glock class begins with armorer training. A day-long journey that will take you deep inside your GLOCK where you will find the true beauty of this amazing handgun. History, field strip, detail strip, repairs, modifications, models, interchangeability and so much more. NEVER take your GLOCK to a gunsmith again!


With the knowledge of the inner workings and design of your handgun fresh on your mind, we'll start the next day by going out to the range and putting your Glock to work doing what it is best suited for...self-defense.


The format for day 2 will be the same as Personal Defense Handgun I but designed specifically around this unique handgun. A full day of defensive handgun training with the Glock combined with an in-depth armorer class makes Total Glock an obvious choice for the Glock owner!




Tuition: $395




NOTE: Includes GLOCK Armorer manual and complete “Glocksmith” kit!)


Prerequisites: None


Required Equipment:


  • Glock handgun (rental guns may be available)


  • At least 3 magazines and a suitable single or double magazine carrier.


  • 200 rounds of commercial, new FMJ ammunition. 


  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.


  • A quality, strong-side, hip holster w/belt, that is made for your weapon. Shoulder holsters, Blackhawk Serpa, cross draws, appendix, fanny packs or gun purses will not be allowed.



     Click HERE for standard equipment required for ALL

     shooting classes!


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