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Advanced Multi-State CCW



Why is it a Multi-State class? It’s not just because of the reciprocity that Arizona enjoys with 30-some other states. This training far exceeds what is required for an AZ permit and is, in fact, recognized by a number of other states for their resident and non-resident permits and is NOT just for Arizona residents. Citizens of ANY state can take this class and be able to get non-resident permits that are recognized in quite a few other states like AZ, CO, FL, MT, WY, UT, IN and many more! The laws are confusing in some states but that will all be covered thoroughly during the class.


 Our Multi-State CCW classes contain crucial information about firearms laws, the use of lethal force, situational awareness, resolving disputes, civil and criminal consequences of a shooting and some information on courtroom procedures. An in-depth discussion of standard safety procedures is included as well as some additional safety concerns for those that carry a handgun on a regular basis. We also provide a comprehensive review of weapons, holsters and ammunition during the class to help you choose a weapon and the means of carrying and concealing it.


You will receive top-notch, certified, professional training and all the forms and fingerprint cards that are required for some states (always AZ and FL) and we can perform fingerprinting on-site for some states at no additional charge!



Tuition:  $125 (9am to 4pm) 


                                        (Be sure and check schedule for upcoming classes)


Optional: Piggy back this class onto other classes as available!


Prerequisites: None


Equipment Requirements: 


  • Safe, serviceable Pistol or Revolver of any caliber, correct fitting holster and 100 rounds of the correct, factory ammunition.


  • Eye Protection


  • Hearing Protection


  • Hat or cap with brim


  • No open-toed shoes and no tank-tops or other low-cut shirt or blouse


  • Note-taking materials


  • Rental packages may be available (.22 caliber handgun, holster, belt, hearing protection, eye protection and ammunition - $25)


  • Click HERE to see required equipment for ALL shooting classes


Lethal force information, application, finger cards and fingerprinting

service will be provided at no extra charge!

Applications available for both Florida and Arizona



By going to our online store and purchasing a position in a training class or event, you agree to sign a liability release and registration form upon your arrival at the training site. Tuition is non-refundable in all instances but may be applied to another class or class date. Tuition is also transferable to another person. If you are purchasing a class for or transferring a class to someone else, their responsibility and acceptance of these policies will begin upon signing of registration form. Read full full payment and refund policy HERE



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