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Personal Defense Handgun III


This class will refine your defensive handgun skills to a level that you hadn’t thought possible in such a short time!


Your increased speed, accuracy and weapons handling skills will be obvious to your friends and your total confidence and awareness will be apparent to those that would do you harm.


Firearms laws, justification in the use of lethal force, situational awareness, resolving disputes and criminal and civil liability are a few of the crucial lecture topics.


Early in the class we’ll provide an in-depth look at the shooting fundamentals and how to achieve consistent, pinpoint accuracy on demand. You’ll then move into trigger-control, recoil management, accuracy drills and progress into lightning-fast presentations from the holster, malfunction clearance, ammunition management and much, much more including failure-to-stop drills, engaging multiple assailants, concealment techniques and shooting on the move.


PDH III includes a night shoot, close-quarters scenarios, room entry and clearing and other tactics.


We reserve the right to modify the course curriculum to accomodate student's skills, weather and/or location, terrain, local laws, etc.


This class will involve a considerable amount of shooting with about 800 rounds of ammunition being expended. Your speed, accuracy and total confidence with your weapon will exceed your highest expectations and your friends will marvel at your new-found skills.


Combine the standard equipment list for other PDH classes and include 800 rounds of ammunition.


           Tuition: Once again...$750!!  (Usually $950)


Prerequisites: None.  (Be sure and check schedule for upcoming classes)


Required equipment:


  • Semi-automatic handgun, .380 or larger OR a double-action revolver. .38 Special revolver is recommended. Derringers, mini-revolvers, single-shots and anything made by High Point, Bryco (Jimenez Arms), Raven, Lorcin or Jennings are specifically disallowed!! Others may be prohibited at our discretion.


  • At least 3 magazines, speed-loaders or speed-strips that fit your weapon and a suitable, single or double magazine carrier.


  • 800 rounds of commercial, new FMJ ammunition. 


  • A quality, strong-side, hip holster w/belt, that is made for your weapon. Shoulder holsters, Serpa CQC, cross draws, appendix, fanny packs or gun purses will not be allowed!


  •  A quality, hand-held, tactical flashlight with extra batteries.


  • Click HERE for standard equipment required for ALL shooting classes!




By going to our online store and purchasing a position in a training class or event, you agree to sign a liability release and registration form upon your arrival at the training site. Tuition is non-refundable in all instances but may be applied to another class or class date. Tuition is also transferable to another person. If you are purchasing a class for or transferring a class to someone else, their responsibility and acceptance of these policies will begin upon signing of the registration form. Read full payment and refund policy HERE

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