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Multi-Purpose Rifle II


Multi-Purpose Rifle II is a 2-day class specifically designed with the average citizen with the average rifle in mind. While your fighting rifle is more than suitable for MPR, your deer gun or recreational rifle will also be adequate. Any caliber (including rimfires), any action type (including single-shots) and any sighting system (including scopes) will be welcome.

When you complete Multi-Purpose Rifle II, you will be able to safely, rapidly and accurately engage targets from 3 to 200 yards. We will begin with the basics and assist you in gaining the skills, speed and ability to not only shoot like you’ve never thought possible but to shoot on the move, engage multiple targets, reload, clear malfunctions and much, much more.


Tuition: $450


Prerequisites: None


Equipment requirements:


  • Any rifle of any caliber with any sights with sling. All action types except full-auto are accepted.D

  • 500 rounds of commercial, new, jacketed ammunition.

  • At least 3 magazines or stripper clips for semi-autos and a suitable carrier. Other action types will need a suitable ammo carrier other than your pockets. This can include sidesaddles, stock cuffs or belt pouches.

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.



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