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Equipment requirements for

ALL shooting classes!

(Individual classes may have additional requirements)




ALL shooting classes require the following:



  • Eye protection with side-shields or wrap-around glasses


  • Hearing protection


  • High-necked shirts or blouses (no tank-tops or spaghetti-straps. T-shirts are fine) to reduce the chances of hot brass entering at the neck


  • Brimmed cap or hat to reduce the chances of brass and debris dropping in behind glasses from the top.


  • No flip-flops or open-toed shoes


  • All shooting classes require commercial NEW jacketed ammunition only. No reloads and no plated bullets.  ANY ammunition manufactured by the company American Ammunition (not to be confused with American Eagle) is specifically prohibited!


  •  Please consider bringing other items of comfort as weather dictates like jackets, gloves, wet wipes, sunscreen, etc. especially to the longer classes.


  • You may bring your own drinks, lunches and snacks as needed.


  • Please bring note taking materials to all classes.


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