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The society that we live in today is probably the most cunning, brutal and savage

in America's history!
COUNTERSTRIKE was created in 2008 to help our students develop a heightened

personal and situational awareness level and to help give the average person the

skill and confidence required to ward off an attack and help prevent abduction, rape

or other personal injury.

This class is not for the accomplished or even the aspiring martial artist! It is for the average man, woman or child; overweight, elderly, out-of-shape, small of stature or simply lacking confidence. Counterstrike is for ANYONE that has a desire to be able to walk confidently across a dark parking lot or be at the office alone.  You will not come away from this class with a black belt. What you WILL come away with is increased awareness, confidence and ability to help defeat an attacker's efforts!
It is NOT a terribly physically demanding class although, as you might expect, you can't accomplish a whole lot from just sitting in a chair either. There will be demonstrations and exercises with a number of readily available expedient weapons and the use of bare hands against one or more attackers. You will be shown a number of targets and pressure points and the appropriate kicks or strikes to engage them. The key to this class is simplicity. Easy to remember techniques and targets. Easy to perfom for nearly anyone.

You will need to dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing (sweats are fine) and wear tennis shoes, hiking shoes or boots. NO FLIP-FLOPS OR OPEN-TOED SHOES! Bring a hand towel, lunch and whatever snacks and drinks that you may need. Water will be provided.



By going to our online store and purchasing a position in a training class or event, you agree to sign a liability release and registration form upon your arrival at the training site. Tuition is non-refundable in all instances but may be applied to another class or class date. Tuition is also transferable to another person. If you are purchasing a class for or transferring a class to someone else, their responsibility and acceptance of these policies will begin upon signing of registration form. Read full full payment and refund policy HERE



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