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Personal Response Shotgun I



PRS I is a 1-day defensive shotgun skill builder class that is perfect for the beginning shotgunner or as a refresher for returning students. SAFE and proper handling techniques and procedures including the presentation of the weapon, reloads and malfunction clearing and more will be thoroughly covered and you will learn to shoot both quickly and accurately from 5 to 25 yards.

Defensive Shotgun Training


At closer range, the shotgun is an awesomely effective and intimidating weapon. The shotgun has the unique distinction of being the most versatile weapon in existence. By simply carrying different types of ammo, you can change the role of the shotgun from small game hunting to breaching doors and everything in between.

There is no better survival weapon.


  •  Birdshot allows you to hunt small game and birds or effectively stop intruders in the home.

  •  Heavier buckshot can be used for hunting medium to large game or stopping   a violent felon at longer ranges.

  •   Slugs can be effective on large game or 2-legged predators beyond 100         yards, destroy heavy hinges and locks, defeat hard cover or even stop automobiles if employed skillfully.

  •   Non-lethal rounds can be used for crowd control or subduing a violent felon in a congested environment.

  •  There are also flares, steel flechettes, noise-making bird bombs and more.


Presently, we have two defensive shotgun classes with two more coming soon!






Personal Response Shotgun II


When you complete our 2-day Personal Response Shotgun class, you will be able to safely, rapidly and accurately engage targets from 3 to 100 yards. We will assist you in gaining the skills, speed and ability to not only shoot your shotgun like you’ve never thought possible but to shoot on the move, engage aerial and multiple targets, reload, clear malfunctions, clear and enter buildings and much, much more.

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