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It is not a “recreational” shooting class that has been renamed to attract hunters although there will be some cross-over of information with Precision Rifle. It is specifically designed for hunting animals whether it be prairie dogs or grizzly bears or anything in between.

We will help you make the right choice when it comes to equipment and explain to you why we feel it will work for you. We’ll spend time dispelling many hunting and shooting myths and we’ll give you some advice in caring for the animal after the kill.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in Hunting Rifle!


  • Rifle selection

  • Bullet selection

  • Internal, external and terminal ballistics

  • Shot placement and anatomy

  • Field shooting positions

  • Use of slings and shooting aids

  • Sight-in your rifle

  • Live-fire from 10 to 500 yards

  • Hunting etiquette

  • Proper care of game

  • Cleaning and maintenance of your rifle

  • Air travel with your rifle


Tuition: $450


Prerequisites: None


Required equipment:


  •  Any rifle of any caliber with any sights with sling. All action types except full-auto are accepted.D

  •  200 rounds of commercial, new, jacketed ammunition, preferably of the same type as your hunting ammo.

  • A suitable ammo carrier other than your pockets. This can include sidesaddles, stock cuffs or belt pouches.

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.




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