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Personal Response Shotgun II


When you complete our 2-day Personal Response Shotgun class, you will be able to safely, rapidly and accurately engage targets from 3 to 100 yards. We will assist you in gaining the skills, speed and ability to not only shoot your shotgun like you’ve never thought possible but to shoot on the move, engage aerial and multiple targets, reload, clear malfunctions, clear and enter buildings and much, much more.


Prerequisites: None


Tuition: $495


Required equipment:


  • Repeating shotgun of your choice with sling. All action types except full-auto are accepted.

  • Suitable carrier for ammunition. Bandoleers, belt and stock cuffs are OK.

  • 200 rounds of birdshot, 100 rounds of 00 buckshot and 25 slugs.

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.

  • Knee and elbow pads are recommended.


Click HERE for our list or standard equipment for all shooting classes!



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